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What kind of contracts are you supporting?

We are supporting two kind of contracts: Project base (package) and Labor contract (offshore development center – ODC).

Project base

  • Suitable for projects with well defined requirements and schedules
  • Clients are able to determine exactly the project budget in advance
  • Requirement changes will cause a re-negotiation of the delivery schedule and price

Labor contract

  • Serves clients as a strategic development partner
  • Can be integrated with the client’s existing processes
  • Capability of team is retained
  • We take care of team management, IP protection and Project Management

What kind of currency that NWS accepting?

We accept: VND, JPY and USD.

What is the flow to start a project?

Below is the base flow to start a project at NWS:

  1. Contact
  2. NDA contract
  3. RFP
  4. Estimation of cost and development schedule
  5. Approval of estimation

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  • I’m very happy working with the NWS team. In the course of the project, we could have a lot of constructive discussions to develop the system better. I really appreciate their dedicated efforts and the project results. Thank you very much.
    Mr. Akira Oyamada
    Mr.Akira Oyamada
    MBA, CEO of GMC
  • The project was smoothly. There was only a few bugs so we were very easy to track project progress and quality.
    Mrs.Hamada Hifumi
    Deputy Director of ADNET
  • In the general, I'm very satisfied with project result, it was the exactly following to specification. Productivity is also high, and the speed of issue solving is good. Thank you.
    Mr.Tatsuma Shibata
    IDS - IT Solutions Division Manager

Our project types:

Games Development 80%
Web System Development 40%
Mobile Application Development 70%
Others (Servers - Maintenance...) 20%