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Newwave Solutions CEO is Recognized as one of Hanoi’s 10 Outstanding Young Faces in 2022

March 14, 2023
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On March 10th, 2023, Mr. To Quang Duy – CEO of Newwave Solutions was honored to receive the famous Hanoi’s 10 Outstanding Young Faces 2022 for his outstanding achievements in economic growth. This event is not only an important milestone in Mr. To Quang Duy’s career but also creates motivation for the entire team of Newwave Solutions.

Bình chọn Gương mặt trẻ Việt Nam tiêu biểu 2022
Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union & Vietnam Young Talent Support Fund announced the Outstanding Young Faces of Hanoi Award

The Outstanding Young Faces 2022 is a high honor given to remarkable young individuals under 35 years old who have completed amazing achievements in various fields. The recognition is also a way to encourage people to focus on their educational careers more while highlighting the awarded individuals as great models for the younger generation to follow.

Based on the results from the online voting system and many council meetings to analyze and evaluate each candidate based on many factors, the list of 10 outstanding young faces of Hanoi in 2022 was finally announced via many government channels and online news such as Thanh Nien, Dan Tri, and VTV.

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  2. 10 Most Outstanding Young People in 2022 – QDND
  3. 10 Outstanding Young Faces of Hanoi in 2022 – Tien Phong
  4. Two individuals are both outstanding young faces of Hanoi and Vietnam in 2022 – Dan Tri
  5. Hanoi’s 10 Outstanding Young Faces in 2022 – Kinh Te Do Thi

CEO of Newwave Solutions Honored to be Awarded as one of 10 Outstanding Young Faces 2022

Tô Quang Duy - bình chọn Gương mặt trẻ Việt Nam tiêu biểu 2022
Mr. To Quang Duy – one of Hanoi’s 10 Outstanding Young Faces 2022 in economic growth

In the field of economic growth, Mr. To Quang Duy is the most outstanding individual among the selected candidate for the Outstanding Young Faces of Hanoi 2022. He is the CEO of Newwave Solutions – a company that has been successful in the software development field. With outstanding achievements and contributions over the past years, including:

  • Working as CEO of Newwave Solutions for 7 years.
  • Leading Newwave Solutions to become one of the Top 10 Leading Software Development Companies in Vietnam
  • Receiving many large awards both inside and outside the country, such as Sao Khue, Top 10 ICT, etc.
  • Having 12 years of experience in the IT industry and being a young expert in the field of software development.
  • High-level advisor for students and developers at many international programmer training systems such as FUNiX and FPT Aptech.

With all of the above, there is no doubt that Mr. To Quang Duy is chosen as one of Hanoi’s 10 Outstanding Young Faces in 2022 by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

To Quang Duy received Hanoi's Top 10 Outstanding Young Faces Award in 2022
Mr. To Quang Duy received Hanoi’s 10 Outstanding Young Faces in 2022

Mr. To Quang Duy has a great business vision statement and the ability to make wise decisions that are suitable for the company’s circumstances to help steer Newwave Solutions through challenges and achieve many remarkable successes over the last few years. Under the skillful leadership of CEO To Quang Duy, Newwave Solutions has become one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam with high-quality products and services such as:

So, if you’re finding a trusted software development company in Vietnam, Mr. To Quang Duy ensures that his company can create high-quality applications, software, or website that meet every customer’s requirements.

The Characteristics & Qualities of our Great Leader

In order to achieve this honor recognition, our CEO has proved that he has some of the best characteristics and qualities of a good leader.

1. Teamwork spirit & Listening skills

CEO To Quang Duy is an excellent leader who listens to and comprehends his team members. He constantly gives his staff members the chance to share thoughts and make comments or suggestions. Not only does he appreciate accolades, but he also accepts criticism well and, when required, makes corrections.

2. Perseverance and Patience

Mr. To Quang Duy faced several obstacles and setbacks as he built and expanded his company. Yet he constantly has a positive outlook, persists, and pursues even more ambitious objectives.

Moreover, he exhorts his team members to grow from their errors, get better, and advance in their careers. He has guided his company to sustainable development and several industrial achievements with patience and dedication.

3. Enthusiasm for Learning

Mr. To Quang Duy is a person with considerable experience working in many industries and serving clients from diverse markets when it comes to professional skills.

In order to guide the company on the right path, he also has a thorough understanding of the business and keeps up with the most recent developments. Mr. Duy is a good example for his siblings and kids to follow in daily life since he has sound principles.

The award ceremony for Hanoi’s Outstanding Young Faces 2022 will take place in late March 2023 in the capital city of Hanoi. After the ceremony, the awarded individuals of 2022 will embark on a journey to express gratitude and visit Hung King’s Temple.

We will update all information about the selection of 10 Outstanding Young Faces in 2022 as well as the latest information about Newwave Solutions here.

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