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Newwave Solutions attended ProMAC 2013, breakthrough with project management in the era of global revolution by IT

July 23, 2013
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In November 2013, Newwave Solutions joined the ProMAC in discussing with business owners, executives, and specialists about the current trends and challenges in Project Management in Vietnam. 

ProMAC is the international conference on project management, organized annually by the Society of Project Management (SPM), Japan, since 2002. ProMAC 2013 is the 7th International Conference, attracting over 250 representatives from Japan, USA, UK, France, China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia in discussion of topics related to project management in IT, Education, Finance, etc. There were 60 seminars, workshops, exchange events centered around project management in Asia and in the world. 

Newwave Solutions’ representative joined the workshop on Project Management in IT industry
Newwave Solutions’ representative joined the workshop on Project Management in IT industry

Newwave Solutions representative joined the event and shared our view on project management in the IT industry: “Project management has a strong influence on the project outcomes, the business status as well as the economic and social development. As the business world is evolving, business needs an agile operation process to handle emerging issues which is why project management is important. Project management is no longer the job of a middle and senior manager, but it is an essential skill that every member of the company must master. In the IT industry, we face significant challenges, such as limited resources, shortage of highly-qualified workers, limited knowledge of project management under international standards, and weak infrastructure networks, which we expected to find solutions during this event.”

Promac Conference 2013
Promac Conference 2013

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