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Hire Software Testers in Vietnam | ISTQB Certified Software Testers from Newwave Solutions

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November 2, 2022
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To avoid bugs, errors, and software failures, nowadays many companies have made it a priority to integrate QA & software testing into their workflow. Software testing is one of the most important steps in any digital project. It not only ensures a seamless flow in software function but also improves user experience significantly. In this article, we will discuss the factors involved in choosing and how to hire software testers that fit your projects.

At Newwave Solutions, we provide a wide host of software testing services for all industries, from usability, performance, and accessibility testing to app testing and test automation. Like any top software testing company, certifying our team helps us strive toward continuous improvement and has been a wise investment. And, Newwave Solutions is proud to have more software testers in our QA testing team (quality assurance testers) obtain the ISTQB certifications, the most important certificates in software testing.

What is ISTQB Certification

Why you Should Hire ISTQB Certified Testers?
Why you Should Hire Software Testers with ISTQB Certification

International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB certification is operated by (ISTQB) – the leading global certification scheme in the field of software testing. This is a non-profit organization founded in Scotland in 2002 and currently operates globally. As the leading global certification scheme in the field of software testing, ISTQB has administered over 1.1 million exams and issued more than 806000 certifications in over 130+ countries.

Why you Should Hire Software Testers with ISTQB Certification?

Nowadays, ISTQB certification is a standardized qualification for both software testers and QA testers and also a proof of ability for their current and future employment. The ISTQB certification levels include foundation, advanced and expert.

Most companies nowadays hire software testers who are ISTQB certified because of the fact that there are certain added advantages to hiring these professionals. Also, a lot of software companies as well as enterprise IT departments look for trusted partners who are capable of offering robust testing solutions by utilizing the best working resources. This is why they are opting for ISTQB-certified testers.

Hire Software Test Engineer & Outsourced QA Testing Professionals from Newwave Solutions
Hire Software Tester & Outsourced QA Testing Professionals from Newwave Solutions

That’s why we offer the opportunity for our team of QA software testers to get ISTQB certification at the ISTQB foundation level in software testing as soon as they are ready at Newwave Solutions. With half of our QA testers currently at the Advance level in both the Test Manager and Test Analyst categories, our IT solutions and software testing company can guarantee to offer the best outsourced QA testing globally.

Hire software testers in Vietnam
Congratulations Mrs. Hoa & Mrs. Trang for achieving Advance ISTQB certification as Test Managers & Test Analyst

Hire QA Tester: Advantages of Hiring ISTQB Certified Testers for Your Business

Basically, the ISTQB certification is the standard qualification for any software testers. Below are the benefits of hiring ISTQB-certified software testers for your business:

  • Lessen the Defects of Software Development. An ISTQB-certified team can reach almost 99 percent proficiency in terms of defect detection along with fixing. Certificated QA testers provide real training in handling day-to-day challenges and problem-solving to all types of software testing using new technologies that normal teams may otherwise be slow to adopt. This will also help reduce the maintenance costs or development time of your project.
  • A Substantial Decrease in the Development Cost. Even though hiring ISTQB-certified QA software testers might have a higher rate, the added value in the development process reasonably benefits your business by resulting in a substantial amount of cost savings in the long run.
  • Provide a Trustworthy from a Global Organization to Your Project. ISTQB Software testing certification is the authoritative global standard of expertise that is trusted all over the world. Naturally, hiring certified professionals give companies a global touch that is too strong to be ignored or skeptical by users.
  • Shorter Delivery Time. ISTQB-certified software testing teams offer faster testing time and communication along with greater efficiency to ensure your project will always beat the deadline. Also, since everyone is trained to the same level, they can rely on the same methodology, meaning a lower risk of error and wasted time.

Companies that hire ISTQB certification have the advantage of exclusive services to their customers. From automated software testing to the newest software testing tools like automation test tools, hiring certificated software testers gives you access to the best methods to increase revenue and your project efficiency.

You can hire software testers with ISTQB certification from top web application testing companies in Vietnam like Newwave Solutions. We can help you accomplish testing within minimum budgets and time. Newwave Solutions provide QA and testing services that includes automation tester, automated software testing, and manual testing with support from the best software testing tool. 

So, if you are looking for QA testers for hire, QA testing services, or software testers for hire, get in touch with us now so we can assist you with your project and give free insightful consultation!

Hire QA testers in Vietnam - Hire Software Tester 2022
Hire QA testers in Vietnam – Hire Software Tester 2022

Why Choose Newwave Solutions to Hire Test Engineers

  • 75+ test engineers on board.
  • 80% of test engineers with 10+ years of experience in software testing.
  • Test leaders with 8-15 years in QA management.
  • Guaranteed proficiency of test engineers in written and spoken English.
  • Testing compliant with a mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.
  • Adherence to standardized defects description rules, test case design, and test reporting templates.

Testing Types We Perform

Blockchain developers at Newwave Solutions
ISTQB Certified Testers at Newwave Solutions
  • Manual Testing

    Testing is an important process that can find both visible and hidden defects in software. The difference between what the software is supposed to produce and what it actually produces is known as a defect. Newwave Solutions’ software testers fix these errors and handed them off for retesting.

  • Automated Testing

    Automated testing has been widely adopted in the software development industry. However, its value is often underestimated. Automated testing puts ownership responsibilities in the hands of the engineering team. It promotes lean QA team size and enables the QA team to focus on more sensitive features. Newwave Solutions’ software and QA testers provide an open toolchain platform that allows us to deliver reliable & robust software to our clients.

What Customers Say About Test Engineers at Newwave Solutions?

“We started working with Newwave Solutions on testing our core application called Scanto. The application is quite complex and has many ERP and mobile elements in it. We have worked with the team in very close cooperation ever since and value the professional as well as flexible attitude towards testing.” – Jennie Perry (Amazon’s Chief Marketing Officer)

“Newwave Solutions has all the necessary experience and skills needed to logically separate the source of various issues and develop a suitable plan to solve them. Their QA testers can deeply analyze QA processes to create a Test Process Review (TPR) evaluation.” – Gresham Sarratt (T-Sky’s COO)

Software Features to Validate

  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Usability testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Regression testing
  • Release testing

Final Thoughts

The reason behind the global accreditation of ISTQB Foundation is also due to the fact that it demonstrates a much higher extent of expertise, and professional sharpness, along with the personal ambition of the QA engineers/testers. Plus, software testers for hire, who have ISTQB certification, have a significant advantage over their non-certified counterparts, especially when it comes to working experience with big companies.

In short, hiring software testers with ISTQB qualifications can benefit your company in many ways. Besides that, your in-house team, your project, and even your customers can all benefit greatly from ISTQB advantages.

If you want to know more about ISTQB-certified software testers and how to ensure your project is productive and competitive, why not hire software testers in Vietnam at Newwave Solutions?

Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how to hire software testers and the software testing services we offer!

To Quang Duy is the CEO of Newwave Solutions, a leading Vietnamese software company. He is recognized as a standout technology consultant. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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