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Top 10 Software Development Companies in Vietnam

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Thanks to a significant grow in IT infrastructure, logistics, and ICT, Vietnam is now rising as a prominent destination for software development services in Asia. In fact, hiring Vietnam software development companies have become a strategic option for any business that wants to cut costs on fixed headcounts. So, let’s take a look at the TOP 10 best software development companies in Vietnam and get a full review of why & how to hire software development services in Vietnam during this competitive market.

Why Choose Software Outsourcing Companies In Vietnam?

outsourcing software development in vietnam
Why choose outsourcing software development companies in Vietnam?

After the pandemic, the majority of businesses across the globe have to cut down on either staff or some department budgets. While some choose to postpone their planned software development projects until a better time, others have to cancel their IT projects for good.

All of that makes choosing software outsourcing companies appear to be the perfect crisis response during this difficult time. Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam are experienced third-party agencies or services that are highly competent in all software development tasks.

According to UpCity, 35% of small businesses in the US have hired outsourcing companies for their business process (for 1-2 years) and 82% have witnessed a growth in the outsourcing demands in 2022. In today’s tough scenario, seeking external help/support to stay focused on core business goals while also saving time and money is a more suitable strategy for many businesses.

So, hiring offshore software development services from countries like Vietnam is a cost-effective decision if you want to maximize your business productivity. This proven approach has led to many successful projects, as it allows a business to focus on its core competencies. It should be used as a strategy that can really boost a business.

Advantages Of Software Outsourcing Development In Vietnam

vietnam software development company
Best Software Development Companies in Asia

Still not sure why you should opt for software development companies in Vietnam? Below are the main benefits of working with software outsourcing companies in Vietnam:

  • Pandemic Stabilization. Vietnam is 80% vaccinated and also known to have the least cases in Asia. Thanks to their relentless efforts and successful Covid countermeasures, businesses in Vietnam have a major head start over global competitors at this time.
  • Cost-effectiveness. According to recent research, the rate for hiring outsourcing software development companies in Vietnam is 50% less than in other Asia countries like India while also having the same quality and services. This research proves that Vietnam is indeed the top candidate for offshore development projects.
  • Knowledge & Skills. As business digital transformation is making a significant impact on every industry, more and more young Vietnamese want to invest their talents in technology and relevant sectors. The rapid growth in both the quantity and quality of IT education in Vietnam provides an extensive supply of software development in the years to come. Additionally, IT developers in Vietnam also have decent English training to make it easier to outsource.

Top 10 Software Development Companies In Vietnam

With the increasing technical demands, it’s vital to choose a trusted company to guide you through every process and offer you the best solutions. So, below are some of the top software development companies in Vietnam that you should know:

1. Newwave Solutions

Top-Notch Software Development Company in VietnamNewwave Solutions-Best Software Development Companies in Vietnam


The Manifest:

Newwave Solutions is one of the leading IT business solutions in Vietnam, specializing in providing digital transformation, software development, and blockchain technology. Located in Hanoi and with a second representative office in Japan, Newwave Solutions’ mission is to utilize digital technology to empower businesses worldwide and become one of the most trusted IT companies in Asia.

The company’s success is reflected in its achievements and 800+ successful projects. After 10 years of working, Newwave Solutions has received numerous national & international awards. Also, they are proud to be business partners with famous technology brands like AWS, Crane, and T-sky.

>> Learn More about Newwave Solutions’ Services

2. KMS Technology

Founded in 2009, KMS Technology is an engineering and services company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Clients come to KMS because of its high-quality products and services. They offer testing services and technology consulting combined with cutting-edge solutions that help accelerate any project. From mobile app development to QA testing, KMS Technology aims to help modernize existing systems and bring your software ideas to life. In Vietnam, the company also collaborates with many universities and participates in IT training activities.

3. Rikkeisoft

Top software development company in Vietnam
Top software development companies in Vietnam

Whether it’s Web/Cloud systems, mobile application development, game design, or blockchain, Rikkeisoft delivers software development services and solutions worldwide. Founded in 2012, the company has successfully launched three branches around Vietnam. They take pride in our mission of building better lives through advanced technology for people. Its vision is to have 10,000 employees by 2025 and become one of the top Vietnamese software development companies in Southeast Asia.

4. Positive Thinking Vietnam

Positive Thinking Vietnam is an international tech consultancy company with a team of 3,500+ talented developers in over 30 cities across Asia, Australia, and Africa. Thanks to their unique open ecosystem that allows them to deliver quality and innovative software solutions. Positive Thinking’s services are focused on app development, security, data analytics, and the digital workplace. That’s why Positive Thinking always has a spot on our list of top 10 software development companies in Vietnam.

5. CMC Global

Top software development companies in Vietnam

Established in March 2017, CMC is a subsidiary of CMC Corporation. Their goal is to bring Vietnamese ICT products, solutions, and services to the global market. CMC Global is proud to be one of Vietnam leading software development companies in IT Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Consultancy. Even though the company is still quite new in the Vietnamese market, CMC Global has completed many successful projects both national and international.

Best software Development Companies in Vietnam

6. Tpp Technology

TPP is one of the pioneering IT service providers and investments in Vietnam. It applies extensive experience and specialized knowledge to various technology startup investments, including software development, cloud management, and business consulting. Tpp main goal in 2023 is to become the top 1 software development company in Vietnam!

7. Smart OSC

outsourcing software development progress
Vietnam software development company – Smart OSC

Founded in 2006, this is a famous full-service e-commerce agency in Vietnam. With more than 500 global clients, SmartOSC has a global presence with offices located in Vietnam, Australia, and Singapore. The company provides consulting, UI/UX design, outsourcing software development, and beyond. The technical and business expertise of the company is based on some platforms such as Magento, Adobe, Hybris, and Kentico.

8. Kyanon Digital

When it comes to top software development companies, we can not mention Kyanon Digital! They aim to create a nurturing environment that promotes the growth of employees and customers. They put the effort into creating an end-to-end technology partner who accompanies your digital journey to success. Whether you are just starting or have ambitions to develop digital capabilities, Kyanon Digital has the experience, talent, and drive to deliver value.

9. Orient Software

Top 10 Software Development Companies in Vietnam
Vietnam software development companies – Orient Software

Orient Software started operations in 2005 and aimed to become the leading software development company in Vietnam. Orient’s strong team of 300+ skilled and experienced IT experts collaborate to provide software development solutions to clients all over the world. After more than 15 years of providing professional IT solutions and software development services, the company is proud to have partnerships with famous companies like Microsoft.

10. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is a software development outsourcing company focused on delivering cost-effective solutions. Their customers are mostly from Vietnam, the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands. Their services include custom application development, web design, and mobile app development. Saigon Technology is listed among the top software development companies in Vietnam. Some of the company’s impressive clientele include Kaercher, Abbott, Panasonic, and DMI Inc.

Final Thought

IT implementation is the key tool for any business that wants to grow during this period of rapid technological change. The 10 software development companies on our list are likely to be at the top of their markets in the upcoming years.

Our teams of experts at Newwave Solutions have worked with hundreds of reputable brands on thousands of projects leveraging various consensus algorithms and blockchains. With our experience in software development, we can proudly guarantee that we can meet your business objectives.

As a well-known software development company in Vietnam, Newwave Solutions is recognized for serving modern business needs and delivering the best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost across the globe. Here’s why we can be the best choice when it comes to software development:

  • Competitive Pricing. Newwave Solutions offers an ideal combination of cost-effective rates with amazing quality to make sure the lowest pricing in our segment.
  • Customer Satisfaction. We work on the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver you user-friendly, scalable, secure, and new business solutions as per your need.
  • Agile Procedure. At Newwave Solutions, we work on the Agile methodology and conduct frequent scrum events for optimizing the practices and methods and delivering the finest results.
  • Flexible Engagement Models. Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you have any questions about our top 10 software development companies in Vietnam or idea about your projects!

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