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Your Reliable Cloud Computing Solutions Provider

Accelerate Your Business Agility With Secured Cloud Computing Services

Newwave Solutions has a team of IT professionals who can build the latest cloud computing solutions to free up space on your system. Evermore, we can help your users access everywhere using portable devices, secure migration of your database, or save up resources for your business expansion. Our solutions incorporate Cloud Computing development, configuration, integration, migration, security, etc.

We guarantee to increase speed and security of your IT system and data. Contact us now to get free consultation and a great deal for cloud computing services!

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Utilize Cloud Computing Services To Streamline Your Business

Over the last decade, there have been an increasing number of businesses in the Cloud Computing development because of the huge demands to instantly access and update information on apps. While the traditional IT system can be costly to build, maintain and scale-up, cloud computing solutions are the perfect way to mobilize secure cloud space to host your infrastructure and store your data.

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  • Cloud migration
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Software as a Service

This software distribution model provides on-demand software apps online based on the subscriptions. We use a service-oriented architecture to build apps depending on the requirement whether it’s a client or vendor app with the cloud or an internal app.


Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS acts as a virtual computing resource online. It lowers the costs and difficulty of an organization for purchasing and handling data center infrastructure and physical servers. We are experienced in hosting apps in Data Storage, Media Streaming, Content Delivery Network application, etc.


Platform as a Service

Also known as aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service), PaaS delivers on-demand services that provide an environment for building, examining, delivering, and handling software apps. We build apps by availing Windows Azure and Google Application Engine for development, examining, debugging, and hosting environment.

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Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing Service

Elevate Your Business Agility with Robust and Secure Cloud Solutions

If you want to save your capital expenses without any in-house app and server storage needs, you should opt for our cloud computing services. Some of the key benefits of choosing our cloud computing company include:

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By using cloud infrastructure, you don’t need to spend huge amount of money on purchasing equipments and operate a data center.

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Data Security

Cloud offers many advanced data security features that make your data secured stored and managed.

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Better Mobility

Cloud computing allows mobile access to data and applications from anywhere in the world via smart phones and tablets.

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Competitive Edge

Businesses which adopt cloud-based solution find many benefits that cloud offers positively impacts your business and you’ll be ahead of your competitors.

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Why Choose Newwave Solutions for Cloud Computing Solutions?

Newwave Solutions is an all-inclusive cloud computing solutions provider that serves organizations of every size and industry. Our solution-based approach makes sure that we can assist you in developing a cloud strategy that will help your business grow. As a leading cloud computing services in Vietnam, Newwave lets you customize infrastructure requirements for your software development project. Best of all, our rate is far less than if you were set up on your own premises. Here are a few reasons to opt for our industry-best cloud computing solutions:

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We work on the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver you user-friendly, scalable, secure, and new business solutions as per your need.

  • Agile Procedure

    We work on the Agile methodology and conduct frequent scrum events for optimizing the practices and methods and delivering the finest results.

  • Dedicated Teams

    We have a dedicated team of web app developers who are well versed in delivering high-end business solutions on several frameworks and technologies.

  • Integrity & Transparency

    We respect your ideas and vision, provide you every small project detail regularly, and consider your worthy advice when and as needed.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer an ideal combination of cost-effective rates with amazing quality to make sure the lowest pricing in our segment.

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