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Newwave Solutions does not just dabble in NFT development — we jumped on the first NFT wave right at the start, bringing 10 years of software and blockchain development expertise with us. Also, our blockchain engineers and IT experts work together effectively to offer diligently-crafted NFT development services to help you accomplish your business goals.

Whether you want to tokenize your artwork, video file, or any kind of asset, we offer best-in-class NFT software development solutions to effectively cater to your needs. Explore the overwhelming opportunities of corporate NFTs and boost your business with us today!

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Custom NFT Development Solutions for All Businesses

In simple words, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. The advantages of investing in NFTs include Transferability, Authenticity, Creation of Economic Opportunity, and Boost Inclusive Growth. Best of all, your asset ownership that is tokenized into an NFT can more easily and efficiently be transferred among people anywhere in the world.

We will walk you through every NFT development difficulty, support your existing strategies, and create your unique NFTs that don’t just sound good on paper but can actually succeed!

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Frationalized NFT
  • NFT Smart Contract
  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT Game
  • NFT Wallet Development
  • NFT Minting Platform
  • NFT Art Tokenization
  • White Label NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Multiverse Platform
  • Custom NFT Solutions
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Auction rare artwork and become a prominent trader in the digital space with our NFT Development Services.


Top tier NFT Development Platforms

Our NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

Newwave Solutions stand out for following an innovative approach to delivering the best value to your project. Whether it is, we provide NFT development in all possible platforms while also guaranteeing on-time solutions at a very cost-effective rate. Secure transactions get more real than ever with NFT development now!

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Ethereum is used by a wide range of business platforms to start their own NFT marketplace development. It is scalable, transparent, and a perfect replacement for Bitcoin. All of these make Ethereum one of the best platforms for NFT development.

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As the leader in the NFT marketplace, OpenSea has all sorts of digital assets available on its platform. It's not only free to sign up for but also supports artists and creators and creates new NFTs easier. It currently as over 150+ different payment tokens.

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Similar to OpenSea, Rarible is another large marketplace for all kinds of art, videos, collectibles, and music that can be bought, sold, or created on the platform.

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Polygon is a layer 2 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain. It specializes in the reliability and scalability of NFT development. Polygon can provide beneficiary features thanks to its intrinsic core.

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Binance Smart Chain network is a third-generation blockchain with the ability to process smart contracts at a very low cost. It is primarily preferred by a wide range of decentralized applications and NFT platforms.

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Solana is one of the fastest blockchains in the crypto world. It can process more than 50,000 transactions per second at a block time of 200ms making it ideal for NFT development.

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A highly secure and scalable with proof-of-stake (POS) timestamping. One of the prime benefits of Cardano for launching NFT solutions is the consensus mechanism.

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It helps in high-speed transactions with zero transaction fees. EOS can achieve thousands of transactions per second and has the potential to scale further.

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Your One-stop for NFT Services

Let our NFT and Blockchain experience work to your advantage! Our NFT development service will get you strategic advice and build a custom token or an entire ecosystem for NFT promotion, a full NFT life cycle, and financial growth.

  • Experienced in NFT & Blockchain

    Experience with leading blockchain frameworks: Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Graphene, Nestjs, MongoDB, Kafka, Solidity, Truffle, Cocos Creator, Gitlab CI/CD.

  • ERC-721, ERC-1155 & TRC-721 Token Standards

    Forget the conventional trade barriers — NFT marketplaces are invented to capitalize on indivisible products with picky audiences.

  • Next-gen security

    Rule out fraud, as NFTs blockchain smart contracts logic guarantees tamper-proof data storage, P2P verification, and transaction tracking.

  • Cross-domain financial opportunities

    Revolutionize your industry — any business, any NFT marketplace contributor can redefine the way they make profit and share property or funds.

  • CoE Delivery Model

    Dedicated Blockchain Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to help us develop PoCs on leading platforms & architecture frameworks.

  • Bespoke Blockchain Solutions

    Customize solutions addressing unique business needs with Blockchain development and seamless third-party integration.

  • ISO Certified

    A mature quality management system and data safety backed up by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

  • Professional Partnerships

    Strong technology partnerships with global IT leaders Amazon Managed Blockchain, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Blockchain, and IBM Blockchain.

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Smart coding is to avoid all the technical risk right away while writing the code and make it fault resistant. We plan the actions and how users could react before writing the code.


We take utter care of code stability before releasing any of the products. We use various testing tools to check the stability of code as well as products.


The reusability of code reduces redundancy and development time. The optimization of code is very important and we do it by having reusability of the code.


Beautiful Code is the code that seems professional and understandable. It is written as per the widely accepted coding standard.

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Agile Methodologies

Agile methodology is a project management approach widely used for the software development process. It is an approach where requirements and solutions evolve throughout the process by the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams and their customers.

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Cost Efficient

Our team analyzes business requirements and shares the latest and most compatible solution in a cost-effective way. We suggest the technology stake as per the requirement and provide the best solution at an optimum cost.

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We believe in transparency and that’s the reason our clients trust us the most. All the processes and codes are visible (On GIT) to the client whenever they wish and nothing is hidden from them.

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We offer flexibility in many ways. Flexible in terms of coding, flexible in terms of working hours, flexible in terms of methodology to follow and 24X7 support.

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