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If you are looking for a partner who is able to do software development tasks professionally, definitely we are your SMART decision. Work with us and you won’t be disappointed.

Our Services

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

We are developing a wide range domains of mobile applications: real estate, health care, mobile games, spa & beauty, POS application, utilities (calendar, app monitor…), retail and so on. Main target platforms are iOS, Android and Web HTML5.

Web System Development

Web System Development

With single pixel perfection in mind, we keep going to satisfy our customers. We are also supplying total solutions for our client’s websites: system architecture design, web site development, domain & hosting, server monitoring (VPS, dedicated server).

Games Development

Games Development

We development below kind of games:

  • Mobile games
  • Web games (HTML5)
  • Unity / Coocox 2d
  • AI Game such as Chess.

We also have experiences in game design, game platform development that need to process player management, point management, payment, ranking system.

Software Maintenance Service

Software Maintenance Service

Software maintenance service is one of our strong point. We have a customized process that best fit to software maintenance activities such as bug fixing and versioning up. The key point of the process is checking similar errors and define actions to prevent software degradation.

We love our work. We are doing work as enjoying passion.
That’s the KEY to make our programs PERFECT, We think.

Our Services – Your Benefits


Outsourcing enables companies to reduce their costs on resource management, overhead cost, labor, working space, etc.


Outsourcing is a way of risk sharing. By outsourcing your software development tasks, you are minimizing the risk.


Outsourcing enables customers to divert their attention from supplementary tasks to focusing on their core functions.


The huge pool of IT workforce and infrastructure that the offshore IT companies provide help to get your product developed within a shorter span of time for a minimum cost.


Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when you need and release them when your task has been done.


Outsourcing vendors have focus on particular services and play in volume. This enables them to keep themselves up-to-date with the technologies required in these services.

We always focus on customer

1Uncompromising Commitment to Quality
2Strong Technically Competent Team
3Professional Project Execution Practices
4Competitive Pricing with Multiple Delivery Models

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Our core values


Key Person

Our main member have been working in software development for 10 years and above.We know exactly what client need from us and how to support project to successes result.Working with us will be easy for any customer who ever never done outsourcing before.

To Quang DuyFOUNDER - General Manager

We always want to find a way to build NWS to be a professional partner, an attractive environment, as a family company, quick adaptive and flat organization.

Ha TungFounder - CTO - Manager

HA TUNG always shows a passion for technology. Apply new technology such as AI, Big Data into project and to solve real life problems is Tung’s targeting in near future.

Tran Hieu TrungFounder - Manager - Advisor

HIEU TRUNG’s skill in creating environments where people are willing to learn to do things differently and to do different things contributes to the successful outcomes.

奥島 康志Founder - Japan Director

With lot of experiences when working with Japanese client, Okushima san wants to bring to customer the best chances to improve their business. Let’s contact with him to get consultant about Vietnam IT Industrial.

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Happy when working with us

Newwave Solutionsさんは、2015年から現在まで継続してシステム開発をお願いしています。当社には未だ開発経験が少ない分野での開発技術について手厚いサポートをいただき、一緒になって取り組んでいただきました。またオンサイトでの開発も長期間対応いただき、開発状況の変化にも柔軟に対応いただきました。品質に対しても重要事項として取り組みされており安心できます。これからは、より効率的な開発ができる提案もいただきながら、協力を継続いただけるようお願いしたく存じます。

幹治 松浦様 - 日通システム株式会社



坂井 泰雄様 - 株式会社ネイティブクリエイション


智行 宮本様 - 丸井織物株式会社

I’m very happy working with the NWS team. In the course of the project, we could have a lot of constructive discussions to develop the system better. I really appreciate their dedicated efforts and the project results. Thank you very much.

Akira Oyamada様 - CEO of GMC


04 03 2019

Từ 26/2~5/3/2019 NWS đã tham dự hoạt động thường niên ngày CNTT (Vietnam IT Day) do VINASA, VJC phối hợp cùng JISA, KEIS, JETRO và...

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01 12 2018

Thank you for your continued support. We are happy to announce that our corporate website has been completely redesigned and was released on 1 December...

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25 08 2018

Annual summer trip is one of the most expected activities of Newwave. This activity always receives attention of the Board of Director and it brings...

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